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ET78759's Scenarios

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play Asteroids
plays 1456 / votes 0


by ET78759, 2017/3/29

Destroy asteroids to save the galaxy.

play Hostage Rescuer
plays 1743 / votes 0

Hostage Rescuer

by ET78759, 2016/10/20

Rescue 10 hostages to win.

play Asteroids(Prototype)
plays 1290 / votes 0


by ET78759, 2017/3/7

You gotta destroy stuff.

play The Impossible Challenge
plays 1575 / votes 0

The Impossible Challenge

by ET78759, 2017/2/28

This challenge is impossible.

play Bloodstream Defense 2-Player
plays 1364 / votes 0

Bloodstream Defense 2-Player

by ET78759, 2017/2/10

play Bloodstream Defense
plays 2208 / votes 1

Bloodstream Defense

by ET78759, 2017/2/10

You are a white-blood cell, defending the human body!

play Nintendo Piano
plays 1730 / votes 0

Nintendo Piano

by ET78759, 2017/2/9

Piano with Nintendo sound effects!

play Breakout
plays 1730 / votes 0


by ET78759, 2016/12/23

Use the paddle to destroy all the blocks.

play Ball Art
plays 1353 / votes 0

Ball Art

by ET78759, 2016/10/31


play Bouncin' Balls
plays 1195 / votes 0

Bouncin' Balls

by ET78759, 2016/10/25

A program of balls bouncing and changing color.