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kiarocks's Scenarios

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play Text Editor
plays 8446 / votes 5

Text Editor

by kiarocks, 2011/8/19

allows you to make and delete text

play Infect
plays 4087 / votes 3


by kiarocks, 2011/6/11

Simulation that demonstrstes infection.

play randomcavegen
plays 2390 / votes 1


by kiarocks, 2013/12/1

A random cave generator

play SlingShot
plays 4547 / votes 6


by kiarocks, 2011/9/11

Same as AwesomeNameGuy's, but with updates!

play Fibbanochi
plays 3993 / votes 1


by kiarocks, 2011/10/10

Fibbanochi numbers with dots- testing phase

play Rubix Cube
plays 2306 / votes 0

Rubix Cube

by kiarocks, 2013/10/18

A different style of Rubik's Cube

play Matrix
plays 2271 / votes 1


by kiarocks, 2014/3/4

A game where you pick numbers

play InterfaceClassLoader
plays 2386 / votes 1


by kiarocks, 2012/8/30

Loads classes that implement an interface

play Game SOFO
plays 2301 / votes 0


by kiarocks, 2011/12/5

Upload for someone else

play [WIP] Random Cave Game
plays 1887 / votes 0

[WIP] Random Cave Game

by kiarocks, 2013/12/4

A broken version of my RCG