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EPICxFAIL-_'s Scenarios

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play Pong Soccer
plays 6552 / votes 9

Pong Soccer

by EPICxFAIL-_, 2013/2/22

AI will be here by summer.

play Breakout!
plays 4837 / votes 3


by EPICxFAIL-_, 2013/4/5

6 levels finally!!! Level 6 was hand made, and made to be very hard. Good luck. REMEMBER YOUR DEATH COUNT!! Lives counter is still glitchy with every level

play Asteroids
plays 6347 / votes 2


by EPICxFAIL-_, 2013/5/17

Protonwaves, Shotguns, RayGuns, Saws, RPGs, MachineGuns and a Flamethrower!! Began working on again. Adding more most likely, probably adding aliens :D

play Frogger
plays 6290 / votes 1


by EPICxFAIL-_, 2013/2/27

Fixed. All glitches are gone, I'll make the frog a little smaller.

play Moving Background
plays 3304 / votes 1

Moving Background

by EPICxFAIL-_, 2013/3/22

Just a simple moving background

play Acting world to Music
plays 2201 / votes 1

Acting world to Music

by EPICxFAIL-_, 2013/5/3

World acting to Music

play PongBackground
plays 1994 / votes 0


by EPICxFAIL-_, 2013/2/15

Just a background

play Piano
plays 1614 / votes 0


by EPICxFAIL-_, 2013/3/13

Play the piano

play Trippy
plays 1666 / votes 0


by EPICxFAIL-_, 2013/3/13

play Crab vs Lobster (2 player)
plays 1636 / votes 0

Crab vs Lobster (2 player)

by EPICxFAIL-_, 2013/3/13