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Game/maniac's Scenarios

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play WaveLab
plays 1281 / votes 1


by Game/maniac, 2014/3/4

play with waves

play Isometric 3d cube
plays 2482 / votes 4

Isometric 3d cube

by Game/maniac, 2015/11/28

A concept for 3d rendering

play Lens Glare
plays 1726 / votes 2

Lens Glare

by Game/maniac, 2013/6/23

Lens glare effect

play Goatball Mess about
plays 1412 / votes 3

Goatball Mess about

by Game/maniac, 2014/4/3

Mess around with balls as a goat

play Bump Mapping
plays 1670 / votes 3

Bump Mapping

by Game/maniac, 2014/7/20

play Reflection demo
plays 1889 / votes 5

Reflection demo

by Game/maniac, 2013/4/1

light reflection

play Dither
plays 508 / votes 0


by Game/maniac, 2018/3/3