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Scenarios tagged: valdes

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play Glutton Babies
plays 1711 / votes 0

Glutton Babies

by valdes, 2016/4/21

Babies eating lots of food

play Battleship
plays 6582 / votes 9


by valdes, 2016/5/3

Popular Game Battleship

play Frog & Flies
plays 2836 / votes 0

Frog & Flies

by valdes, 2016/5/4

Frog eating flies

play Shooting Elephant
plays 2406 / votes 1

Shooting Elephant

by valdes, 2017/1/27

Simple example of a shoot'em up game using inheritance

play Tutorial POO
plays 2101 / votes 1

Tutorial POO

by valdes, 2017/7/24

Aprenda programaciĆ³n haciendo un juego

play Helkan: Wolf's Den
plays 1447 / votes 0

Helkan: Wolf's Den

by valdes, 2017/8/6

Multi-level platform game

play Zombie Highway
plays 1039 / votes 0

Zombie Highway

by valdes, 2018/1/31

Run over zombies and dont crash

play Desert survival
plays 1029 / votes 0

Desert survival

by valdes, 2018/1/31

Shoot 'em up in the desert

play Aplastin
plays 1096 / votes 0


by valdes, 2018/1/31

Whack-a-mole, and a rabbit, and a mouse