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Scenarios tagged: trick

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play Ned Read
plays 1067 / votes 1

Ned Read

by nread, 2012/10/15

play The Turtle Tricks You
plays 1558 / votes 0

The Turtle Tricks You

by jagrosh, 2013/3/13

A simple game scenario

play Zombie Rescue Squad
plays 3334 / votes 2

Zombie Rescue Squad

by askgriff, 2013/10/10

A survivor runs to rescue other survivors before the zombies turn them.

play Zombie - GameOver
plays 1310 / votes 0

Zombie - GameOver

by JacobJ, 2013/10/18

play Tank Test
plays 1687 / votes 0

Tank Test

by askgriff, 2013/10/26

Trying to get a tank system with turret working properly.

play Micro Tank Battle (2 player)
plays 2675 / votes 1

Micro Tank Battle (2 player)

by askgriff, 2013/10/26

Tank Battle with Capture the Flag

play Magic Numbers
plays 1144 / votes 0

Magic Numbers

by bourne, 2013/5/5

How well do you know binary?