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Scenarios tagged: strategy

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play Midori World
plays 12511 / votes 36

Midori World

by kenshinakh, 2009/11/2

Join Mido and his friends in cleaning Midori World! -updated

play Realm of Battle
plays 11845 / votes 29

Realm of Battle

by Zerg, 2008/11/4

Real Time Strategy Game

play RefleX
plays 6552 / votes 13


by vincent, 2008/10/28

Reflex on Greenfoot

play Insect War
plays 6097 / votes 11

Insect War

by Super_Hippo, 2013/3/5

Send out armies and defeat your opponent!

play Pipeworkz
plays 3702 / votes 10


by DonaldDuck, 2012/1/5

A Strategy Game

play BattleBasicAI
plays 4793 / votes 6


by Yoinkinator, 2010/2/1

First attempt at AI

play MineSweep
plays 4842 / votes 5


by ImFerocious, 2010/11/19

Find The Mines!!

play The Unsung Adventures of Dr. Flugen-Hygen
plays 3149 / votes 4

The Unsung Adventures of Dr. Flugen-Hygen

by MiniBoBomb, 2011/12/8

Help a multi-talented doctor save the world's supply of provolone cheese!

play TankBattle
plays 6111 / votes 3


by qnanqing, 2008/11/14

Tank Battle