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Scenarios tagged: story

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play Cube Guy: Against the reds!
plays 4567 / votes 11

Cube Guy: Against the reds!

by JetLennit, 2013/5/31

Fight Red

play Atlas the wizard
plays 1465 / votes 1

Atlas the wizard

by Jumagoro, 2019/1/18

Help the wizard to find his ingredients

play Busy Bee
plays 877 / votes 1

Busy Bee

by TLHS_GAME_ACADEMY, 2020/11/6

play Nebula: Chapter II
plays 813 / votes 0

Nebula: Chapter II

by TLHS_GAME_ACADEMY, 2020/11/6

play The Duck Game
plays 860 / votes 0

The Duck Game

by TLHS_GAME_ACADEMY, 2020/11/6

play Food Fall
plays 4769 / votes 1

Food Fall

by prithvin, 2012/8/9

Help blue guy stop the physcopath from taking over his restaurant and life.

play Nebula
plays 714 / votes 0


by TLHS_GAME_ACADEMY, 2020/6/7

play Law12 elements of a crime
plays 889 / votes 0

Law12 elements of a crime

by NOSGNAL, 2019/4/1

crime project for mr aikenhead