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Scenarios tagged: showtext

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play space fighter X
plays 1489 / votes 1

space fighter X

by frogfrog, 2019/5/15

Fighter dodges metios and collects fuel

play Lebron Russell
plays 1688 / votes 1

Lebron Russell

by buttsmasher9, 2017/12/14

Take down Lebron James as he rules the NBA

play SPACE Fighter X
plays 968 / votes 0

SPACE Fighter X

by SilentHunter115, 2019/5/20

Controle space ship, collect gas, and doge metiors

play The Little Lizard
plays 1110 / votes 0

The Little Lizard

by LSY, 2019/12/18

The Lizard could eat ladybugs but not spiders!

play Space Invaders
plays 1063 / votes 0

Space Invaders

by 20IppolitoC, 2019/12/17

Save the world by collecting shooting stars.

play The Last Shark Ever in the Ocean
plays 1054 / votes 0

The Last Shark Ever in the Ocean

by 20JonnadaR, 2019/12/17

The Orca population has suddenly surged which causes the near extinction of the shark population. The fish are they prey of the shark and they will be very helpful for the shark. The orca are in huge numbers compared to the shark. Therefore the shark must avoid the orca as long as possible to survive.

play under the sea
plays 1291 / votes 0

under the sea

by Peng, 2019/12/17

control the little fish to eat shrimps and avoid sharaks

play Save the Turtles!
plays 1008 / votes 0

Save the Turtles!

by Sgrave, 2019/12/17

A deep sea adventure saving the turtles from being choked by plastic bags.

play The Last Shark in the Ocean
plays 1102 / votes 0

The Last Shark in the Ocean

by KWANG, 2019/12/16

This is the last shark alive due to the sudden surge of the orca populatio. The shark must avoid orca to survive and must consume fish to survive.