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Scenarios tagged: shooter

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play Myth of Yelda
plays 1759 / votes 2

Myth of Yelda

by dbz3396, 2014/4/2

Side scrolling space shooter

play Bomb Squad
plays 637 / votes 0

Bomb Squad

by snake_case, 2018/4/27

A hotline miami esque shooter

play AlienXAssault
plays 746 / votes 0


by MarinDistafa, 2018/1/31

play OneShot
plays 1295 / votes 0


by Fa!lSafe, 2016/7/22


play 1945
plays 468 / votes 0


by edparrish, 2018/1/22

Scrolling shooter redux of 1942.

play Final Invader
plays 567 / votes 0

Final Invader

by GarrettGrey, 2018/1/7

A game I made for my final project in my high school coding class. Everything except some parts of the code is original. Arrow keys to move, space to shoot.

play P L A T F O R M E R _  I I
plays 606 / votes 1

P L A T F O R M E R _ I I

by Jason_L, 2017/10/20

A simplistic sci-fi 2D sidescroller; also robots.

play Asteroids w/improved QActor SuperClass
plays 4242 / votes 4

Asteroids w/improved QActor SuperClass

by danpost, 2014/10/7

The classic using my refined movement and turning system for smoothness. Added shielding capability.

play Frenzy
plays 1225 / votes 1


by shadowmasterx99, 2016/5/26

A Space Shoot-em-Up