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Scenarios tagged: setlocation

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play Protect the Animals
plays 1031 / votes 2

Protect the Animals

by jrod, 2019/11/26

Don't let the animals eat the berry.

play space fighter X
plays 1141 / votes 1

space fighter X

by frogfrog, 2019/5/15

Fighter dodges metios and collects fuel

play Flappy Bird SSSS
plays 742 / votes 0

Flappy Bird SSSS

by KWANG, 2020/1/16

Use the bird to avoid the pipe

play Escape the Cops
plays 1146 / votes 0

Escape the Cops

by knighthawk, 2017/12/14

Escape the police and ge gas o keep going longer.

play The Little Lizard
plays 768 / votes 0

The Little Lizard

by LSY, 2019/12/18

The Lizard could eat ladybugs but not spiders!

play Space Invaders
plays 675 / votes 0

Space Invaders

by 20IppolitoC, 2019/12/17

Save the world by collecting shooting stars.

play under the sea
plays 874 / votes 0

under the sea

by Peng, 2019/12/17

control the little fish to eat shrimps and avoid sharaks

play Save the Turtles!
plays 706 / votes 0

Save the Turtles!

by Sgrave, 2019/12/17

A deep sea adventure saving the turtles from being choked by plastic bags.

play The Last Shark in the Ocean
plays 764 / votes 0

The Last Shark in the Ocean

by KWANG, 2019/12/16

This is the last shark alive due to the sudden surge of the orca populatio. The shark must avoid orca to survive and must consume fish to survive.