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Scenarios tagged: rpg

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play The Call
plays 2406 / votes 3

The Call

by bourne, 2013/5/5

Isometric RPG with a biblical theme

play ZeldaRmk_test
plays 2451 / votes 4


by MR.X, 2013/9/21

Ein erster Versuch von Zelda

play Mini-RPG
plays 2298 / votes 3


by Morinator, 2013/7/29

Swing your sword and fight the bad boys!

play DriveUnlimited
plays 1875 / votes 0


by DrTrollio, 2012/12/13

Car game

play Movie_Source
plays 4304 / votes 7


by Upupzealot, 2011/11/2

a simple AVR

play RPG
plays 2550 / votes 1


by Real, 2012/5/8

A funny game where you try to kill enemies to make all levels

play 30 Second Hero
plays 2052 / votes 1

30 Second Hero

by Cyross, 2011/11/3

Half Minute Hero Rip Off

play Holy Fighters (by HectorNM,João Vitor e robledo)
plays 3188 / votes 2

Holy Fighters (by HectorNM,João Vitor e robledo)

by HectorNM, 2011/8/28

Action-Battle Game (Zelda Battle Style)

play Forever Alones
plays 5502 / votes 13

Forever Alones

by Duilio, 2011/6/20

Survival game on RPG style