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Scenarios tagged: puzzle

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play Sudoku
plays 1697 / votes 0


by samg, 2013/1/15

A randomly generating sudoku game

play Challenge Conveyor Puzzle
plays 2379 / votes 0

Challenge Conveyor Puzzle

by danpost, 2013/10/20

Put all the numbers in order -- left to right, top down.

play Puzzle Frenzy
plays 1700 / votes 0

Puzzle Frenzy

by cellostar47, 2013/5/30

play Puzzling
plays 4279 / votes 9


by JetLennit, 2013/4/6

A Puzzle

play Escape puzzle
plays 2342 / votes 0

Escape puzzle

by pingfeng, 2014/12/20

The largest block escape to the bottom.

play Rune Game
plays 1142 / votes 0

Rune Game

by Something_Smart, 2013/9/21

Match runes to remove them and clear the board!

play Pushy (Lite)
plays 366 / votes 0

Pushy (Lite)

by SammyFORreal, 2022/4/30

Push your way to the exit and collect diamonds!

play Short Puzzles
plays 1835 / votes 0

Short Puzzles

by Lorac134, 2013/5/27

This is a project for my graphics programming class.

play Accidental Inventions
plays 1622 / votes 0

Accidental Inventions

by DevAvmeister, 2012/5/30

A word-matching game