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Scenarios tagged: puzzle

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play Sliding Puzzle
plays 4640 / votes 1

Sliding Puzzle

by DonaldDuck, 2011/1/19

Game and tutorial in one.

play Simple Puzzle Game
plays 8213 / votes 2

Simple Puzzle Game

by Zamoht, 2012/8/20

Solve the puzzle!

play MineSweeper
plays 6148 / votes 5


by JL235, 2008/7/28

The Windows classic

play Unknown
plays 3889 / votes 12


by Game/maniac, 2013/4/3

Adventure of a curious robot

play Conveyor Puzzle
plays 2550 / votes 1

Conveyor Puzzle

by danpost, 2013/10/19

Try to complete the puzzle by making four square color blocks.

play Kara Hexoban
plays 3127 / votes 4

Kara Hexoban

by danpost, 2014/1/19

A group of hexagonal puzzles. Work-in-progress uploaded for comments/suggestions.

play Pushy Woman
plays 3956 / votes 7

Pushy Woman

by danpost, 2013/4/25

Keep your woman from getting too pushy. Guide the woman through the levels. Less pushy, more score.

play fector
plays 3212 / votes 7


by Codybean1, 2013/1/10

A puzzling adventure inside a mad calculator!

play Puzzling
plays 3583 / votes 9


by JetLennit, 2013/4/6

A Puzzle