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Scenarios tagged: puzzle

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play MineSweeper
plays 6148 / votes 5


by JL235, 2008/7/28

The Windows classic

play CrazyBoxes
plays 5121 / votes 10


by Opalelement, 2008/11/7

Try to fill in all of the boxes!

play enigma
plays 4817 / votes 3


by SDN, 2008/11/18

The enigma to a wider audience.

play tetris
plays 8124 / votes 0


by Jedi_Knight, 2010/4/9

Popular puzzle game

play Treasure Hunter
plays 4056 / votes 4

Treasure Hunter

by AzazelJVC, 2010/8/9

A turn-based puzzle game.

play Sliding Puzzle
plays 4640 / votes 1

Sliding Puzzle

by DonaldDuck, 2011/1/19

Game and tutorial in one.

play Scramble Board
plays 2030 / votes 2

Scramble Board

by silent.threnody, 2011/6/3

Unscramble the tiles to obtain a complete image! But take note of the time limit!

play ByteMaze
plays 6637 / votes 9


by ricardo.guimaraes, 2011/6/16

A maze-puzzle game. Get itens, unlock doors and watch out for enemies!

play 15 Puzzle
plays 3414 / votes 1

15 Puzzle

by Segara, 2011/9/11