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Scenarios tagged: puzzle

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play fector
plays 3233 / votes 8


by Codybean1, 2013/1/10

A puzzling adventure inside a mad calculator!

play Simple Puzzle Game
plays 8259 / votes 2

Simple Puzzle Game

by Zamoht, 2012/8/20

Solve the puzzle!

play TSA Tanks
plays 3894 / votes 6

TSA Tanks

by ctorch, 2012/1/19

Educational tanks game

play Deadlock
plays 3662 / votes 9


by DonaldDuck, 2012/6/6

A minimalistic puzzle game.

play Accidental Inventions
plays 1446 / votes 0

Accidental Inventions

by DevAvmeister, 2012/5/30

A word-matching game

play C0D3 BR34K3R
plays 2543 / votes 3

C0D3 BR34K3R

by RafalGraczyk, 2012/5/14

An Alan Turing Game

play Picture cracker
plays 1721 / votes 1

Picture cracker

by gazza162, 2012/3/19

Crack the code using the images and clues.

play The Unsung Adventures of Dr. Flugen-Hygen
plays 3618 / votes 4

The Unsung Adventures of Dr. Flugen-Hygen

by MiniBoBomb, 2011/12/8

Help a multi-talented doctor save the world's supply of provolone cheese!

play My Grid Puzzle
plays 2209 / votes 0

My Grid Puzzle

by uboiz, 2011/11/24

Simple Puzzle with Grids method