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Scenarios tagged: platformer

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play Infection: Os Langeles
plays 4533 / votes 10

Infection: Os Langeles

by CPE123Group1, 2012/12/3

Help Tyrone fight through the zombie infection and save his family!

play Luna War
plays 3389 / votes 3

Luna War

by Kyle273, 2012/12/3

"Defend Earth from an alien invasion in this metal-slug inspired platformer!"

play Easy Game Creation
plays 23087 / votes 9

Easy Game Creation

by Game/maniac, 2012/11/15

A Support Class which lets you make a game easily

play SteveGetsToasted
plays 1984 / votes 0


by fishwaffles1337, 2012/8/13

Get to the Toaster!

play Zorbo:Underground Adventures
plays 2410 / votes 1

Zorbo:Underground Adventures

by kartikitrak, 2012/6/10

A simple little platformer

play JSonic
plays 5192 / votes 4


by Mygames19, 2010/5/20

An attempt at creating Sonic in Greenfoot!

play Marked Love
plays 2605 / votes 2

Marked Love

by aFictitiousForce, 2012/4/30

A two-player

play WheeWheeWhee
plays 4808 / votes 6


by Jinno, 2011/7/1

A Gravity Switching Platformer

play Metal Storm
plays 4202 / votes 5

Metal Storm

by supermagicmilk, 2011/5/2

Use your control over gravity to infiltrate and destroy the space battle station "Cyberg".