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Scenarios tagged: platformer

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play Platformer Test
plays 2375 / votes 2

Platformer Test

by askgriff, 2014/1/29

Working on getting scrolling to work properly now.

play Platformer Test
plays 1899 / votes 0

Platformer Test

by JacobJ, 2014/1/16

play Specter
plays 1771 / votes 1


by bourne, 2013/5/5

Avoid energy drainers, or battle with a friend.

play Ninja: The Platformer
plays 2668 / votes 2

Ninja: The Platformer

by aaku143, 2013/6/15

A platformer where you play as a ninja and you must reach the end.

play Pikachu's Adventure
plays 3687 / votes 1

Pikachu's Adventure

by deviousdalek, 2013/6/12

pokemon side-scroller

play McDonalds Man
plays 1678 / votes 0

McDonalds Man

by LiamM319, 2013/6/7

2d Platformer

play Clyde's Comic Sans Adventure
plays 2275 / votes 2

Clyde's Comic Sans Adventure

by BernardReggie, 2013/6/3

Simple Platformer

play The Dark Descent
plays 1350 / votes 1

The Dark Descent

by Liquid, 2013/5/24

Travel Through the Cosmos!

play Jump!
plays 3188 / votes 9


by PaulGuioArtitaRegalario, 2013/3/18