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Scenarios tagged: platformer

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play Math Attack
plays 1982 / votes 0

Math Attack

by jglauby, 2014/4/19

An educational addictave math game

play RockKnight: Riffs of Justice
plays 2107 / votes 2

RockKnight: Riffs of Justice

by MattDistraction, 2014/4/3

Rock that skeleton to the death

play The Jumping Bros.
plays 2106 / votes 1

The Jumping Bros.

by jglauby, 2014/1/10

Join Bob and Sam on a jumping adventure!

play Ninja Survivor V2.0
plays 5339 / votes 9

Ninja Survivor V2.0

by Teletubber, 2012/6/14

Ninjas. Everywhere.

play The Platformer Updated
plays 1590 / votes 0

The Platformer Updated

by callume8, 2014/3/10

play Combat Warrior
plays 1847 / votes 1

Combat Warrior

by A.BA, 2014/2/21

A four player game platformer game without platforms

play Attack of the Evil Elf!
plays 2034 / votes 1

Attack of the Evil Elf!

by Badredd, 2014/2/21

Play as an Evil Elf and kill 3 types of enemies!

play Platformer Tutorial
plays 25123 / votes 9

Platformer Tutorial

by askgriff, 2014/1/9

Building a platformer step-by-step for my Java class

play Platformer Test
plays 2270 / votes 2

Platformer Test

by askgriff, 2014/1/29

Working on getting scrolling to work properly now.