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Scenarios tagged: physics

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play Dodge- Penguin Edition
plays 2064 / votes 0

Dodge- Penguin Edition

by rplunkett94, 2012/1/4

play Dodge w/ snake distraction
plays 1708 / votes 0

Dodge w/ snake distraction

by msurovich22, 2012/1/3

play Dodge with sound
plays 1383 / votes 1

Dodge with sound

by dan3761, 2012/1/3

play Wave Interference
plays 2796 / votes 3

Wave Interference

by uboiz, 2011/12/19

Simple simulation of wave difraction

play Christmas Game!!!
plays 2523 / votes 1

Christmas Game!!!

by drhorriblejr, 2011/12/22

Play as St. nick and throw snowballs at targets!!!

play Centripetal Force
plays 2279 / votes 0

Centripetal Force

by GershiBelshi, 2011/12/13

Centripetal Force Simulation

play Ping Pong with momentum
plays 7091 / votes 3

Ping Pong with momentum

by darkmist255, 2011/11/27

This game of Ping Pong lets you hit harder or softer to make the ball go faster or slower. You can also hit at a different angle to change the angle the ball will go at.

play Doppler Effect
plays 1908 / votes 1

Doppler Effect

by uboiz, 2011/11/24

My Physics Simulation about Doppler Effect

play Factory
plays 3147 / votes 5


by Builderboy2005, 2011/11/22

A small challenging Arcade game!