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Scenarios tagged: penguin

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play GetGlitschi
plays 3805 / votes 4


by derdomme, 2010/2/27

Funny game with Glitschi

play infinite world
plays 700 / votes 0

infinite world

by LucaForever, 2020/6/6

this is an infinite world

play Flappy Penguin
plays 3236 / votes 1

Flappy Penguin

by dleemagic002, 2014/6/30

a flappy bird copy, with a penguin

play Bird dodging scoring game thing..
plays 5763 / votes 4

Bird dodging scoring game thing..

by PegaOleg, 2009/2/21

Dodge the rockets, poo on the penguins

play The Penguin
plays 4013 / votes 2

The Penguin

by Blubex, 2010/4/6

Get the fish!

play Flappy Bird
plays 1843 / votes 0

Flappy Bird

by mosi_edu, 2014/8/1

Variation of Flappy Bird

play KutKrab
plays 1322 / votes 0


by MrKammetje, 2015/6/24

Best gaem in wurld

play Dodge- Penguin Edition
plays 2352 / votes 0

Dodge- Penguin Edition

by rplunkett94, 2012/1/4