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Scenarios tagged: nintendo

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play Trash Pokemon
plays 8291 / votes 21

Trash Pokemon

by Gbasire, 2020/12/2

Don't play it, trash game

play Tatanga Strikes Back
plays 687 / votes 0

Tatanga Strikes Back

by Noobopanda, 2021/4/12

About Toads

play Super Mario Bros. Scrolling
plays 30766 / votes 32

Super Mario Bros. Scrolling

by Ninto, 2009/5/3

A Super Mario Bros. game.

play Super Mario Galaxy 2D
plays 8389 / votes 1

Super Mario Galaxy 2D

by AirboundPizzapuss, 2010/4/27

Collect many coins and get to the Star!

play SuperMario
plays 3027 / votes 0


by jcamilo, 2013/5/3

School Project

play Nintendo Fun
plays 2123 / votes 2

Nintendo Fun

by grapewarrior, 2013/10/14

Eat all the mushrooms!

play Sonic(Test) v1.3
plays 2775 / votes 1

Sonic(Test) v1.3

by Sparky, 2013/7/24

This is my progress in 3 days.

play Nintendo Fun 2.0
plays 1685 / votes 1

Nintendo Fun 2.0

by grapewarrior, 2013/11/4

play Sonic: Metroid Hedgehog
plays 2792 / votes 2

Sonic: Metroid Hedgehog

by jagrosh, 2013/3/13

Dodge and shoot enemies!