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Scenarios tagged: ninja

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play Blade Thrower
plays 3692 / votes 0

Blade Thrower

by linish22, 2009/4/26

Simple animation

play TMNT Version 1.0
plays 3756 / votes 1

TMNT Version 1.0

by Will_Crimson, 2009/5/30

Based off of TMNT, survive the ninjas and win the game.

play Bubbles - The Sidescroller
plays 6651 / votes 5

Bubbles - The Sidescroller

by rhinodog8, 2010/5/13

Jump over lava! Collect coins! Get the Princess!

plays 1880 / votes 0


by binghamale95, 2012/6/5

Half Done kinect fruit ninja

play Ninja Survivor V2.0
plays 5451 / votes 9

Ninja Survivor V2.0

by Teletubber, 2012/6/14

Ninjas. Everywhere.

play Ninja: The Platformer
plays 2672 / votes 2

Ninja: The Platformer

by aaku143, 2013/6/15

A platformer where you play as a ninja and you must reach the end.

play Ninja Assassination
plays 1945 / votes 0

Ninja Assassination

by masakijamie, 2013/6/19

Ninja Killing the Zombie

play Ninja Turtles!!!
plays 1748 / votes 0

Ninja Turtles!!!

by Stevo, 2014/5/15

Customized Trick the turtle to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja!

play Evil iED
plays 1614 / votes 0

Evil iED

by Stevo, 2014/5/15