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Scenarios tagged: nikz

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play Cubes
plays 20035 / votes 8


by NikZ, 2014/8/9

Avoid the falling cubes at all costs!

play TNT
plays 10037 / votes 2


by NikZ, 2014/5/16

Blow up the world!

play Racer
plays 2980 / votes 2


by NikZ, 2015/4/15

Car simulation!

play Riders
plays 5181 / votes 2


by NikZ, 2014/8/7

Tron Light Cycle Game Remixed!

play Return of the Cubes
plays 2235 / votes 1

Return of the Cubes

by Nichodon, 2016/8/9

It's the return...... of the cubes...... what more can I say?

play Binary Demo
plays 2634 / votes 1

Binary Demo

by NikZ, 2014/7/25

Converts binary to decimal or vise versa.

play Clock
plays 2827 / votes 1


by NikZ, 2014/8/4

Working time clock!

play ColorMaker
plays 1748 / votes 1


by NikZ, 2014/8/5

Make colors with RGB!

play Towers of Hanoi
plays 3642 / votes 1

Towers of Hanoi

by NikZ, 2014/9/15

Intellectual puzzle!