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Scenarios tagged: mushroom

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play Piano of Doom
plays 2421 / votes 0

Piano of Doom

by amtousley, 2013/3/25

Avoid rectangles generated by the keyboard.

play Stardust
plays 2047 / votes 0


by AnjiB, 2013/11/12

You are a spade. Eat mushrooms, avoid cacti.

play Sanic Foodchain
plays 1913 / votes 0

Sanic Foodchain

by 20adriennech, 2015/10/24

First Greenfoot project

play Mario's Mushroom
plays 2426 / votes 0

Mario's Mushroom

by qhendricks, 2017/9/15

Help Mario gather some mushrooms.

play Mushroom Adventures
plays 8047 / votes 9

Mushroom Adventures

by d3lirij, 2010/11/20

School project Game

play SuperMarioBros®
plays 4260 / votes 2


by Bobalaloo, 2013/6/25

My own super mario game.

play Nintendo Fun 2.0
plays 2505 / votes 1

Nintendo Fun 2.0

by grapewarrior, 2013/11/4

play Alien
plays 4622 / votes 4


by chiconese, 2014/6/16

Colete os cogumelos e escape das minhocas. / Collect the mushrooms and escape from the worms.