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Scenarios tagged: multiplayer

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play Mulitiplayer simple christmas game for begginers
plays 2632 / votes 1

Mulitiplayer simple christmas game for begginers

by tomw, 2013/12/18

simple easy multiplayer christmas game for begginers

play Kombat Racing
plays 2424 / votes 0

Kombat Racing

by Unicus, 2014/4/27

Two player game

play Destruction is Imminent
plays 1960 / votes 0

Destruction is Imminent

by Napler, 2014/4/4

Strategy Game

play The Jumping Bros.
plays 2106 / votes 1

The Jumping Bros.

by jglauby, 2014/1/10

Join Bob and Sam on a jumping adventure!

play Shooting Stars
plays 2364 / votes 2

Shooting Stars

by bourne, 2014/1/24

A start of a networking game with server and clients. NOTE: Of course this will not work onsite.

play Bomberman
plays 6167 / votes 2


by Bobalaloo, 2013/12/24

play UserInfo Battleship
plays 6906 / votes 19

UserInfo Battleship

by bourne, 2013/12/12

Play Battleship with other users! First onsite user multiplayer game! With instant messenger after each match

play Bomberman
plays 4463 / votes 4


by GraysonBellamy, 2013/12/13

play Bomberman
plays 2903 / votes 1


by maurerf, 2013/11/30

This is a Bomberman-Game