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Scenarios tagged: mouse

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play checkers
plays 7096 / votes 2


by djb, 2008/8/5

A mouse-controlled checkers game

play MineSweeper
plays 6507 / votes 5


by JL235, 2008/7/28

The Windows classic

play Space Snake
plays 16920 / votes 40

Space Snake

by JL235, 2008/7/23

A 360 degree version of Snake

play Feedback Trainer
plays 3789 / votes 0

Feedback Trainer

by mjrb4, 2008/7/19

Train your ear to pick up different frequencies

play PointToMouse
plays 4327 / votes 0


by Skintkingle, 2008/7/14

Pointing to any given point

play BallGame
plays 6158 / votes 3


by Skintkingle, 2008/7/12

BallGame using my Gravity Class

play ArrowButton02
plays 7079 / votes 1


by dbal, 2008/7/7

Example of custom GUI buttons

play Pip The Pea
plays 12513 / votes 17

Pip The Pea

by JL235, 2008/3/27

Pip The Pea