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Scenarios tagged: math

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play meriam penjumlahan v.0.6.a
plays 917 / votes 0

meriam penjumlahan v.0.6.a

by arief.zzz, 2015/12/23

game yang melatih matematika dasar yaitu penjumlahan

play Calculator
plays 1239 / votes 0


by johnb, 2015/12/8

play Kaleidoscope
plays 2212 / votes 1


by danpost, 2012/4/13

Fun fractal image design patterns

play MathDisplayer Reusable
plays 1228 / votes 0

MathDisplayer Reusable

by NikZ, 2015/1/22

Display Fractions and More! Reusable.

play MathGame
plays 924 / votes 0


by ankitvirparia, 2014/12/5

Select Box and Type in a Number

play Calculation Game
plays 1109 / votes 0

Calculation Game

by renaxco, 2014/10/3

This game is just game to sum some numbers given

play project_class3
plays 856 / votes 0


by renaxco, 2014/10/3

Calculation Game

play Math!
plays 1435 / votes 0


by NikZ, 2014/9/5

Bouncing Math!

play Knight's Tour
plays 1558 / votes 2

Knight's Tour

by steveputz, 2014/3/19

Moves a chess Knight to each square of a chess board