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Scenarios tagged: mario

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play Splash Mario
plays 390 / votes 0

Splash Mario

by CieloMungcal, 2020/3/16

A Multi-player game wherein Luigi shoots at the float for Mario to fall.

play New Super Mario Bros. Greenfoot
plays 14296 / votes 25

New Super Mario Bros. Greenfoot

by nolttr21, 2018/11/26

Progress through 4 levels and 3 boss fights!

play Mushroom Jumper
plays 733 / votes 0

Mushroom Jumper

by Bobbymon1, 2019/5/23

A short platforming game.

play Capture The Flag Mario Edition
plays 829 / votes 0

Capture The Flag Mario Edition

by Anjk, 2019/4/11

By Isha Chaudhary

play Create a new level
plays 724 / votes 0

Create a new level

by nolttr21, 2019/1/7

For my discussion post

play Mario Bros.
plays 1188 / votes 0

Mario Bros.

by shr5, 2018/11/24

play Mario
plays 868 / votes 0


by Nanocat13, 2018/6/17

Help Mario collect the prize

play Mario's Mushroom
plays 1518 / votes 0

Mario's Mushroom

by qhendricks, 2017/9/15

Help Mario gather some mushrooms.

play Pengu
plays 11917 / votes 11


by Nosson1459, 2016/11/6

Platform Jumper