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Scenarios tagged: maps

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play Birds simulation with GoogleMaps
plays 3947 / votes 5

Birds simulation with GoogleMaps

by amjad, 2013/11/21

Simulation of birds behaviour flying in groups. It uses GoogleMaps for the background.

play JerooFoot Application
plays 3921 / votes 2

JerooFoot Application

by danpost, 2015/4/2

Create, save and test your own levels while learning java basics.

play Ants with GoogleMaps
plays 4269 / votes 0

Ants with GoogleMaps

by amjad, 2013/11/20

Simulation of ants behaviour searching for food. It uses GoogleMaps for the background.

play Maps as Actors
plays 3239 / votes 0

Maps as Actors

by amjad, 2013/11/25

A Demo uses maps as Actors. Map’s properties can be changed in the run-time and by the user as well.

play Ketchup Cannon
plays 5214 / votes 0

Ketchup Cannon

by amjad, 2013/11/29

A canon shooting ketchup blobs game. It uses Maps as background differentiating between land and water.