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Scenarios tagged: levels

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play Galaxy Hunters
plays 1768 / votes 0

Galaxy Hunters

by redevilwow, 2018/7/13

A competitive adventure for space exploration lovers with multiple levels

play MapWorld SuperClass
plays 8101 / votes 8

MapWorld SuperClass

by danpost, 2013/1/19

A super-class that helps create, map out, and run levels in a gridWorld.

play Combo Support Demo
plays 1878 / votes 0

Combo Support Demo

by danpost, 2017/5/15

Contains nine support classes (one modiified) -- with source.

play Asteroid Smasher 2
plays 1853 / votes 0

Asteroid Smasher 2

by Emil, 2017/3/27

Fly a rocket and destroy the asteroids!

play Spikes and Boulders
plays 1941 / votes 1

Spikes and Boulders

by Joeturtle12, 2017/2/1

Dodge spikes and push boulders in this highly-anticipated action-adventure-puzzle five-level game.

play Walking Around Cafetaria
plays 1184 / votes 0

Walking Around Cafetaria

by intanrizkyk, 2017/1/8

play Thief
plays 1835 / votes 0


by Rae, 2016/12/16

Steal the treasure and don't get caught.

play Needle in a Haystack
plays 1263 / votes 0

Needle in a Haystack

by musicninja4444, 2016/7/15

A platformer - try to find the needle in the haystack!

play Numerical Tux
plays 881 / votes 0

Numerical Tux

by fcot, 2016/6/6

My game for the assignment 3