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Scenarios tagged: kratzberg_spring2019

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play Race Off
plays 582 / votes 0

Race Off

by cobymorrone, 2019/5/13

Complete a lap to win the Race

play Game Project- Chess
plays 609 / votes 0

Game Project- Chess

by Nolan_Ralph, 2019/5/13

Classic Chess Game

play Connect 4
plays 540 / votes 0

Connect 4

by 693mmb26, 2019/5/14

players take turn clicking boxes to place chips. When a player gets 4 chips of their color in a row, they win.

play PongGame
plays 765 / votes 0


by giovanni, 2019/5/14

Barrels deflect the ball back to the other side

play Game Project - Kold War Kombat
plays 575 / votes 0

Game Project - Kold War Kombat

by NickNatanov, 2019/5/15

Fight others!

play Game project - WallE The Video Game
plays 560 / votes 0

Game project - WallE The Video Game

by 411mtg05, 2019/5/15

Play as WallE and Eve and fight bad guys.

play Carroll_PongGame
plays 430 / votes 0


by 892mc02, 2019/5/20

This is a two person game of the game pong

play Game Project - Boxing
plays 654 / votes 0

Game Project - Boxing

by 461mcg09, 2019/5/20

A boxing match between Mike and Ike

play Game Project- Maze Game
plays 451 / votes 0

Game Project- Maze Game

by 147abc04, 2019/5/20

2 players will race to reach the end of the maze