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Scenarios tagged: kong

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play GolfKong
plays 1459 / votes 0


by SwaggyPza, 2015/7/31

play Donkey Kong Remake
plays 6068 / votes 4

Donkey Kong Remake

by 1Lucky93, 2011/8/28

Classic Donkey Kong Remake

play microkong
plays 4864 / votes 9


by lordhershey, 2013/12/10

A small primitive DK type game

play Run Or Die!
plays 2191 / votes 1

Run Or Die!

by TheFaggots, 2015/5/13

another cool jumping-game

play Escape King Reptile
plays 633 / votes 1

Escape King Reptile

by WATT27, 2020/1/15

Eat all of the bananas with Donkey Kong before he gets hit by an enemy