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Scenarios tagged: isatedge()

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play Web dash
plays 197 / votes 0

Web dash

by Targetplaz, 2019/6/13

try and survive as long as you can dodging pins and avoiding the vacuum

play spaceAdventurer
plays 209 / votes 0


by JVaro573, 2019/6/4

Explore the milky way galaxy

play Helicopter Mayhem
plays 165 / votes 0

Helicopter Mayhem

by Kanye4Prez, 2019/5/28

Avoid misles and collect fuel before time runs out.

play Lizard Dash
plays 480569 / votes 2

Lizard Dash

by itscarlwheezer, 2019/5/24

Eat bananas and kill spiders - but don't get eaten

play Space Adventure
plays 230 / votes 0

Space Adventure

by peanut1001, 2019/5/20

Become a super hero and fly through space in this space adventure

play funGame
plays 276 / votes 0


by lucky555, 2019/4/12

Honey collects acorns and Max chases Honey.