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Scenarios tagged: image

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play Image Transparency Adder/Trimmer
plays 6073 / votes 4

Image Transparency Adder/Trimmer

by danpost, 2013/1/29

Change specified colors to transparent and removes excess transparent edges.

play Paintshop
plays 4426 / votes 11


by SPower, 2012/7/7

Draw something beautiful

play Animated GIF Creator
plays 5195 / votes 1

Animated GIF Creator

by PiRocks, 2010/9/26

Create an animated gif.

play Random Image
plays 2665 / votes 4

Random Image

by adamkjelstroem, 2012/9/5

Get your own Nice Image!

play URL & Round Image
plays 2434 / votes 1

URL & Round Image

by robg, 2013/2/25

Fetches an image from a URL, and crops it to a circle

play Paint 2D
plays 201 / votes 3

Paint 2D

by RcCookie, 2020/10/15

Another bad painting program

play Image Manipulator
plays 97 / votes 0

Image Manipulator

by CliffXing, 2021/1/4

Manipulates Images

play U2A3 - Animal Sounds
plays 2604 / votes 0

U2A3 - Animal Sounds

by KJoiceVe9279, 2011/3/25

Animals making sounds

play Image Editor
plays 175 / votes 0

Image Editor

by xiestar0310, 2020/6/11

Image Editor to transform pictures!