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Scenarios tagged: hthcv

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play fector
plays 2896 / votes 7


by Codybean1, 2013/1/10

A puzzling adventure inside a mad calculator!

play pac-man
plays 2169 / votes 2


by ShoutToUs, 2013/9/5

Rough version of pac-man

play Platforming
plays 1854 / votes 0


by ShoutToUs, 2013/1/9

A difficult platforming game.

play Gravity Demo
plays 1817 / votes 1

Gravity Demo

by ShoutToUs, 2013/11/13

Gravity changing test.

play Proof of Concept
plays 1527 / votes 2

Proof of Concept

by ShoutToUs, 2013/12/12

A work in progress stealth game.

play Platforming Beta
plays 1505 / votes 1

Platforming Beta

by ShoutToUs, 2013/12/13

A platforming game.

play Man vs Martian
plays 1480 / votes 1

Man vs Martian

by alguerrero, 2013/1/10

Use the Arrow Keys Pretend it was a snake game

play Dr. Nelson's Ascension Parish [ALPHA 1.2]
plays 1455 / votes 0

Dr. Nelson's Ascension Parish [ALPHA 1.2]

by timhightech, 2013/1/11

Infinite Platforming

play Space shooter
plays 1452 / votes 0

Space shooter

by timhightech, 2013/1/10