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Scenarios tagged: gui

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play Text Calculator
plays 1104 / votes 0

Text Calculator

by basil60, 2014/7/3

play PayCalculator
plays 1389 / votes 0


by basil60, 2014/7/2

play ColorSelector and DropDownOptions
plays 1627 / votes 2

ColorSelector and DropDownOptions

by danpost, 2014/6/18

Self-contained ColorPanel and Selector Actor support classes.

play Interpreter
plays 3442 / votes 8


by bourne, 2014/4/28

Write some code and run it

play TowerDefense
plays 2304 / votes 0


by EPICxFAIL-_, 2014/6/2

Defeat the incoming Monsters!

play GUI Components
plays 11271 / votes 17

GUI Components

by bourne, 2013/3/1

Reusable GUI components. (TextBox, Menu, ListBox, Window, etc.)

play Residents
plays 8933 / votes 20


by bourne, 2013/12/30

Customize property to share with fellow Greenfoot members. And unlock new items.

play Chess Dos
plays 4014 / votes 6

Chess Dos

by bourne, 2014/2/12

Play chess with other Greenfoot users, or against the AI (with difficulty setting), or yourself.

play Chess
plays 3839 / votes 5


by bourne, 2013/3/19

Chess with ai