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Scenarios tagged: game

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play Bored Seagulls and the Balloon
plays 1674 / votes 0

Bored Seagulls and the Balloon

by EBeikman, 2011/10/17

Control the balloon, but avoid the Seagulls as they will pop the Balloon

play MouseWorld
plays 1614 / votes 0


by btj9, 2011/12/13

Control Mouse to eat cheese and avoid cats

play Snake Game
plays 3494 / votes 2

Snake Game

by joshuatc, 2011/3/4

Greenfoot Snake game

play Pyramid Hunter
plays 3184 / votes 4

Pyramid Hunter

by da-xm, 2011/12/12

You hunt mummies in a pyramid.

play Digger
plays 4325 / votes 8


by Busch2207, 2011/5/29

The remake of an addictive 80's computergame.

play The Unsung Adventures of Dr. Flugen-Hygen
plays 2981 / votes 4

The Unsung Adventures of Dr. Flugen-Hygen

by MiniBoBomb, 2011/12/8

Help a multi-talented doctor save the world's supply of provolone cheese!

play AsteroidsMRV
plays 1715 / votes 0


by mrvettleson, 2011/11/26

play nemo
plays 2696 / votes 3


by LCUASLP, 2011/11/20

Find Nemo's dad.

play Treasure Hunter
plays 867 / votes 1

Treasure Hunter

by wumbro, 2011/12/6

Run from ghosts and escape their tomb!