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Scenarios tagged: game

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play Spelling Game
plays 5405 / votes 5

Spelling Game

by kamegani, 2008/10/5

Catch the right letters to write a word!

play Asteroid Field
plays 2875 / votes 0

Asteroid Field

by zovisk, 2008/10/7

Try to escape the asteroid field for as long as you can

play M.Nagyp
plays 1570 / votes 0


by M.Nagyp, 2008/10/5


play wombats2
plays 2171 / votes 0


by M.Nagyp, 2008/10/5

play fifteen
plays 4464 / votes 3


by djb, 2008/8/22

Fifteen puzzle

play Buttons
plays 2596 / votes 1


by mjrb4, 2008/9/4

Turn the buttons back to green as quickly as possible!

play Card Pairing
plays 5205 / votes 3

Card Pairing

by Bjarki, 2008/9/4

Find all pairs in as few moves as possible

play Skannrup's crab game
plays 2238 / votes 1

Skannrup's crab game

by Skannrup, 2008/8/31

Eat worms, avoid lobsters

play Skannrup's game
plays 1438 / votes 0

Skannrup's game

by Skannrup, 2008/8/31

Eat worms, avoid lobsters