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Scenarios tagged: fefu

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play Doodle Jump
plays 3680 / votes 2

Doodle Jump

by team5, 2016/6/6

Doodle Jump

play Doodle Jump
plays 1934 / votes 0

Doodle Jump

by van1337, 2017/6/11

Doodle jump for students

plays 1532 / votes 0


by colddegree, 2017/6/3

An minesweeper with shaped level killer feature!

play Quicktype
plays 1926 / votes 0


by abocha, 2016/6/6

Typing game

play The dungeon of pain
plays 1891 / votes 0

The dungeon of pain

by Eduard245, 2016/6/29

The Dungeon of Pain

play Arcanoid
plays 1592 / votes 0


by, 2017/6/7

This's Arcanoid game. There are two bonuses, time and points. Cool voice acting.

play tanki_2017
plays 1207 / votes 0


by edward_nek, 2017/6/13

The best tanks in the World

play VisualTest_Team_6
plays 1366 / votes 1


by notail, 2017/6/7

2D-Shooter with elements of runner.

play Ant Frenzy
plays 1511 / votes 0

Ant Frenzy

by ParaDogs, 2017/6/1

Have you ever thought about being of wildlife survival? We have, and now you could see and observe by your own a rivalry between two ant colonies. You may do a bet and cheer for one of the two sides of this cruel conflict. Or you could just sit and watch the evolution of ant colonies, their way to dominate in the living space. Are you ready for a TOTAL WAR?!