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Scenarios tagged: educational

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play Binary
plays 18686 / votes 33


by Herman, 2009/5/21

Binary Game is a simple conversion game.

play Multiplication table of 2
plays 1880 / votes 0

Multiplication table of 2

by luciana.pda, 2010/11/4

Learning multiplication tables in a pratical way!

play Escape The Maze
plays 4953 / votes 3

Escape The Maze

by chanduu, 2011/2/18


play TSA Tanks
plays 3370 / votes 6

TSA Tanks

by ctorch, 2012/1/19

Educational tanks game

play SFHS Tanks
plays 1196 / votes 1

SFHS Tanks

by ctorch, 2012/8/24

Learning game for Special ED

play Improper Insanity
plays 2712 / votes 3

Improper Insanity

by pickles22, 2013/4/18

Math Game for capstone project

play Mineral Madness
plays 2144 / votes 4

Mineral Madness

by pickles22, 2014/5/16

Educational Mineral game based on the hardness of Mineral

play Space Math
plays 1688 / votes 1

Space Math

by sengst, 2014/9/19

Subtratation with aliens and astronauts

play Flying Numbers
plays 989 / votes 0

Flying Numbers

by fcot, 2016/5/26

Shoot the flying numbers.