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Scenarios tagged: eat

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play Candy Crunch
plays 1521 / votes 0

Candy Crunch

by marley101, 2017/11/27

Conrol the mouth as it eats the candy, make sure to avoid the veggies!

play Race Feast
plays 1220 / votes 0

Race Feast

by Lamby777, 2017/10/16

Try to eat more than the snake!

play Puasa-TheGame
plays 1716 / votes 0


by ariqnaufal, 2016/8/31

Java Fundamental Task

play Don't Get Eaten
plays 1415 / votes 0

Don't Get Eaten

by Rugbug_Redfern, 2016/5/29

Get to the forcefield, don't get eaten!

play HungryHungryAlligator
plays 1700 / votes 1


by RedBird420, 2016/5/19

Catch'em All!

play Hungry Hungry Alligator
plays 1847 / votes 2

Hungry Hungry Alligator

by nperoni, 2016/5/19

Catchem All!

play Snake Game
plays 2201 / votes 2

Snake Game

by clm16, 2016/5/19

Snake chases mice; eat them all to win

play little-crab-2-Ch4
plays 1966 / votes 0


by Rood, 2015/10/22

Little Crab Chapter 4

play Chapter 4 Little Crab Game
plays 2835 / votes 0

Chapter 4 Little Crab Game

by Squidly, 2015/10/20

Ch 4 crab game