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Scenarios tagged: dodge

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play Dodge
plays 5693 / votes 4


by Royalblue64, 2011/11/9

Dodge the lightning bolts

play Bird dodging scoring game thing..
plays 5340 / votes 4

Bird dodging scoring game thing..

by PegaOleg, 2009/2/21

Dodge the rockets, poo on the penguins

play Paintball Dodge
plays 3905 / votes 7

Paintball Dodge

by danpost, 2014/4/25

Dodge the paintball pellets. Fifteen hits and your red and dead.

play Simply Dodge
plays 3179 / votes 1

Simply Dodge

by R00PH13, 2009/11/4

Simply dodge vehicles coming towards you.

play Michael Phelps and the Perilous Journey
plays 2668 / votes 1

Michael Phelps and the Perilous Journey

by vasantham92, 2008/12/4

Battle sharks, oil spills, and Alain Bernard in your adventure through the ocean.

play Space dodge
plays 2510 / votes 1

Space dodge

by Hawx_, 2012/12/16

Dodging game where you are a space ship.

play Dodgeball
plays 2256 / votes 1


by FlicknFlack, 2014/3/21

Dodge the balls

play Dodge Rockets
plays 2113 / votes 1

Dodge Rockets

by msurovich22, 2012/1/17

play Dodge- Penguin Edition
plays 2057 / votes 0

Dodge- Penguin Edition

by rplunkett94, 2012/1/4