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Scenarios tagged: demo

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play FPS
plays 11051 / votes 3


by mjrb4, 2008/9/10

An approximation of the FPS (frames per second) of a scenario.

play CircularMover
plays 8987 / votes 1


by tombud999, 2009/7/4

A reusable class to move actor in circular path (using vector)

play MidiDemo
plays 7618 / votes 1


by mjrb4, 2009/1/8

Click the button to play a note

play Rotation demo
plays 9650 / votes 4

Rotation demo

by mjrb4, 2009/2/15

Rotating around a point on screen

play Wombats go to McDonald's
plays 4070 / votes 0

Wombats go to McDonald's

by holbikwolff10, 2009/6/22

Wombats walk through McDonald's and eat.

play Rasterizer
plays 10045 / votes 23


by Builderboy2005, 2009/1/4

New and Improved

play Non-Interactive Lobster Simulation
plays 3207 / votes 0

Non-Interactive Lobster Simulation

by limefortheworld, 2009/6/7


play wombats
plays 2627 / votes 0


by bayarkhuu, 2009/5/31


play XiaolinShowdown
plays 2893 / votes 1


by miyaz, 2009/5/25

Platform Game XiaolinShowdown