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Scenarios tagged: crab

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play Hertog Jan Icebear Game
plays 1079 / votes 0

Hertog Jan Icebear Game

by Falkoe, 2019/1/10

play A crab game
plays 1402 / votes 0

A crab game

by Shrey25, 2018/11/16

You are crab. Eat the worms and avoid the lobsters

play The Lobster killer
plays 1131 / votes 0

The Lobster killer

by Diejandro, 2018/10/23

Is amazing, you're a Crab, prro

play Modern Crab Game v1.3
plays 1635 / votes 0

Modern Crab Game v1.3

by Falkoe, 2018/1/8

play Modern Crab Game v1.2
plays 1342 / votes 0

Modern Crab Game v1.2

by Falkoe, 2018/1/8

play Modern Crab Game v1
plays 1657 / votes 0

Modern Crab Game v1

by Falkoe, 2018/1/3

play Big Crab
plays 1715 / votes 0

Big Crab

by Zapyounub, 2017/12/5

Eat those worms and avoid those lobsters.

play Modern Crab
plays 3838 / votes 5

Modern Crab

by Reginold, 2017/5/20

how to use Greenfoot and begin programming

play Pizza's in space
plays 1633 / votes 0

Pizza's in space

by Elite_Leaders, 2017/4/26

Get the Pizza avoiding the enemies