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Scenarios tagged: colors

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play Conquer!
plays 1721 / votes 1


by blahblah26, 2012/10/25


play Drawing
plays 1729 / votes 1


by FlyingRabidUnicornPig, 2013/11/7

Draw in Greenfoot

play Colors
plays 2186 / votes 2


by blahblah26, 2012/10/24

A small project.

play ColorFlow
plays 2342 / votes 3


by danpost, 2014/1/21

Pretty flowing colors with mouse force.

play Mouse Force 2.0
plays 2146 / votes 2

Mouse Force 2.0

by FlyingRabidUnicornPig, 2013/9/29

"Use the Mouse-Force, Luke!"

play Breed Frogs (Inspired by Natural Selection by Mik)
plays 1993 / votes 0

Breed Frogs (Inspired by Natural Selection by Mik)

by trimil, 2014/6/28

In this game you breed frogs to make new ones.

play Bubbles
plays 1348 / votes 0


by Redhand, 2016/4/13

Click the World to see colorful bubbles that fade away.

play Bubbles Scenario
plays 1347 / votes 0

Bubbles Scenario

by macandcheese, 2016/4/18

In this game one can click around on the screen and bubbles with all different sizes and transparencies appear.

play Bubbles
plays 1043 / votes 0


by Goalie42, 2016/4/18

Bubbles scenaro #17-23