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Scenarios tagged: codepoint-09-under-16

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play Mars Adventures
plays 2907 / votes 1

Mars Adventures

by TheJH, 2009/12/4

Lead the technical staff on Mars

play The Environment Quiz
plays 4757 / votes 5

The Environment Quiz

by Finki, 2009/11/22

A game to check how environment friendly you are.

play Shoot The Trash
plays 3295 / votes 1

Shoot The Trash

by Razgor, 2009/12/4

Rid the world of trash with your recycling machine!

play Save The World
plays 3128 / votes 1

Save The World

by gie2910, 2009/11/14

play OurWorld Beta
plays 3008 / votes 0

OurWorld Beta

by lephilwld, 2009/11/29

Simulation of a World in the future

play aba
plays 1951 / votes 0


by alhayubarsis, 2009/12/4


play naufalone 2
plays 2138 / votes 1

naufalone 2

by Naufal.Abdurrahman.D, 2009/12/3

cleaning our sea

play The Environmentalist
plays 2202 / votes 0

The Environmentalist

by lirki, 2009/11/24

Scroller Game for CodePoint

play Save the tree
plays 1911 / votes 0

Save the tree

by Syahridan, 2009/12/3

Protec the tree