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Scenarios tagged: codepoint-08-school-16+

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play Castle Storm 3D
plays 51035 / votes 94

Castle Storm 3D

by Builderboy2005, 2008/11/9

A 3D First Person Shooter

play Cheese Hunt
plays 7724 / votes 9

Cheese Hunt

by cteberg, 2008/6/8

Hunt the cheese!

play DownMan
plays 6737 / votes 8


by lael, 2008/11/3

play Puzzle Engine
plays 3513 / votes 3

Puzzle Engine

by therhapso, 2008/11/7

Basic, top, down block puzzle engine

play Battleship
plays 6223 / votes 3


by Opalelement, 2008/11/20

Try to sink all the boats!

play greepWars
plays 15429 / votes 31


by kenshinakh, 2008/10/10

GreepWars: A game based on MiksAsteroid - I'm not fixing this anymore b/c my coding style changed too much.

play Greeps In Space
plays 7296 / votes 2

Greeps In Space

by supernovaboy, 2008/10/24

Greeps have gone into Space in search of more tomatoes

play Realm of Battle
plays 12421 / votes 29

Realm of Battle

by Zerg, 2008/11/4

Real Time Strategy Game

play Balls
plays 2486 / votes 0


by Judgen, 2008/11/11

Arcanoid game with a lot of balls and four rackets