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Scenarios tagged: checkkeypress()

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play Shark Attack
plays 3455 / votes 6

Shark Attack

by dragonslayer24, 2019/4/3

Have the shark eat 8 fish while dodging the hooks.

play The Office
plays 632 / votes 0

The Office

by FlyersFan53, 2019/4/3

Collect coffee before the boss catches you

play Space war
plays 1040 / votes 0

Space war

by qazxsw21, 2017/12/15

Enjoy the game

play funGame
plays 599 / votes 0


by lucky555, 2019/4/12

Honey collects acorns and Max chases Honey.

play The Lost Penguin
plays 779 / votes 0

The Lost Penguin

by SorryExcuse, 2018/4/11

Help the penguin eat and return to his family.

play Gun Grab
plays 499 / votes 0

Gun Grab

by FlyersFan53, 2019/5/22

Collect Guns in space while avoiding the colorful virus

play space fighter X
plays 813 / votes 1

space fighter X

by frogfrog, 2019/5/15

Fighter dodges metios and collects fuel

play Dolphin Show
plays 1031 / votes 0

Dolphin Show

by MrPremiumGamer, 2018/5/2

The dolphin is in a water show. Avoid sharks and collect fish.

play DogDash
plays 549 / votes 0


by tuffguy5, 2019/6/11

Eat the bones to win