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Scenarios tagged: challenge

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play Project M
plays 1435 / votes 1

Project M

by Kwazzza, 2021/6/7

It´s just a simple Jump ´n´ Run Game!

play Noughts and Crosses Challenge
plays 6396 / votes 0

Noughts and Crosses Challenge

by mjrb4, 2008/7/31

Code the computer AI!

play ChipsChallenge
plays 2755 / votes 0


by ablazin10, 2008/12/4

Eat Chips

play Roomba Challenge!
plays 4805 / votes 0

Roomba Challenge!

by dadamson, 2009/6/7

Can your robot get the floors clean?

play Mr Cubeman's Maze
plays 5775 / votes 15

Mr Cubeman's Maze

by steved, 2013/6/4

AVOID THE WALLS! (no really, avoid them)

play June Challenge 2013 Poll
plays 1954 / votes 0

June Challenge 2013 Poll

by FlyingRabidUnicornPig, 2013/7/1

Choose the winners for last month's challenges!

play *Closed!* October Challenge 7 Poll
plays 1880 / votes 1

*Closed!* October Challenge 7 Poll

by FlyingRabidUnicornPig, 2013/11/3

The poll for last month's challenge entries!

play Virtual Challenge Cube
plays 2832 / votes 1

Virtual Challenge Cube

by danpost, 2013/11/4

4x4x4 Drag'n'drop Challenge Cube.

play Mathletics - Beginner
plays 5859 / votes 7

Mathletics - Beginner

by Game/maniac, 2014/3/2

Mathematical race against time